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Everest Education Fund providing access to Post Secondary Education abroad.

Everest Education Fund aims to provide financial support to high achieving, high impact, and high need students who wish to access higher education abroad. Our belief is that #onesmallthing can make a huge impact. One student accessing higher education abroad can positively affect an entire community.

Everest Education Foundation is a non profit incorporated in the United States of America and exempt from federal income tax under Internal Revenue Code (IRC) 501 (c)(3). Donors can deduct contributions under IRS section 170.


A Crisis Emerges

On April 13, 2018, a US university cancelled full scholarships for 61 students. Every single one of these students was from Nepal. These students, who had been planning to attend university in the US in the fall of 2018, now had nowhere to go. They lost access to higher ed in the US and in Nepal as well. Asked to put down confirmation fees by March 1st, they had withdrawn from all their other possible options, including universities in their home country of Nepal.

These outstanding Nepali students have impressive credentials: All are at the top of their classes, earning the equivalent of A’s and A+’s. All are 1350+ on the SAT, 90+ on the TOEFL. They are bright, talented, promising leaders, and are amongst the highest achieving, but low income, students in Nepal. All of them had taken a gap year to apply to a university in the United States.

As news of this situation spread through the higher ed community, universities generously came forward. Universities from the US, Canada, the Netherlands, Qatar, Hong Kong, India and Indonesia came forward with offers of seats, pulling together last minute funding in a Herculean effort to support these students.

Today, 54 of the affected students have seats at institutions in five different countries: Canada, US, Nepal, Qatar, and South Korea. Every single one has been awarded financial aid, and -- against all odds -- half have received full scholarships. 

There are still challenges to overcome. Several students have large financial gaps, and will not be able to complete their studies successfully without your support. It is our hope that you will consider investing in these young people’s lives. Many of these students are the first in their families to attend university. 

These students, unknown to each other prior to April 13th, but inextricably linked by this incident, have supported each other because they have felt the power of people like you who have stepped forward to help. Students are inspired to pay it forward by helping others now, and into the future. 

Your donation will help to impact a generation of Nepali students. Thank you for your support.

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Our Team

Satish Mirle
Founding Member

Satish Mirle is the co-founder and CEO at MaiaLearning, Inc. a College & Career Planning platform for middle and high schools, used in 28 countries. Satish developed MaiaLearning after his journey with his daughter’s college application process. Satish brings expertise in business and technology, having worked at companies that include eBay, PayPal and Apple Computers.

A former international student, Satish has first-hand experience of the hardships of financial constraints. His passion to pay it forward has led him to fund the gap for one of the impacted Nepali students. Satish has stepped forward to help the core group of volunteers to start a nonprofit called Everest Education Fund and put in technology and process to raise and disperse the funds to the universities. He is a founding member of EEF.

Kelly Braun
Founding Member

Kelly Braun is currently an Associate Director of University Counseling at an international school in Vietnam. With a background in technology and art, she worked with MaiaLearning in creating their platform for students and counselors. In 2009, she was the recipient of PACAC’s “Rising Star Award.” Kelly took the lead on tech, and served as one of core group of pro bono counselors supporting the Nepali students. She was the impetus behind the creation of the Everest Education Fund.

Jamie Kanki
Founding Member

Jamie Kanki currently serves as Head of Partnerships & Engagement at Concourse Global Enrollment, where she works with high school counselors and university representatives around the world to find the right educational programs for the next generation of graduating high school students. At the start of this Nepal crisis, Jamie stepped forward to offer Concourse as a pro bono platform for impacted Nepali students, thus allowing students to facilitate their profiles to universities who stepped forward to help.

Joan Liu

Joan Liu is a university advisor at United World College of SE Asia in Singapore. Joan's area of expertise is in US financial aid and scholarships for international students. Upon learning of the Nepalese students whose scholarships had been revoked, Joan saw that this situation was a higher ed access emergency. She mobilized a "Nepal Justice League" of eight women across five countries, and led a grassroots, international effort to support the placement of Nepali students at new universities in five countries.

Emily Dobson

Emily Dobson is a cooperative counselor and a higher ed recruitment strategist based in Brazil, where she runs her own company and non-profit. Emily stepped forward to run social media and press outreach, which helped to raise awareness about what happened with the Nepali students on April 13th. Emily serves as a delegate to the International and National Associations of College Admissions Counseling, and serves on International ACAC’s Executive Board.

Marie Kobayashi

Marie Kobayashi is a high school counselor at St. Mary’s International School in Tokyo, Japan. Prior to her role at St. Mary’s, she was a learning support teacher at the British School in Tokyo. Marie is a recognized leader within the secondary school community in Japan, and was awarded International ACAC’s inaugural recipient of the “Going the Extra Mile” Award in 2017. She has led and coordinated the pro bono counselor mobilization effort, pairing Nepali students with pro bono counselors around the world.